B’s Bowling Adult Singles Scratch League Weekly Drop In

B’s Bowling Adult Singles Scratch League  Weekly Drop In
Weekly Drop-in League Season Oct- March
( join in-any time during the season)

The league that puts all your bowling skills to a test

  • Wednesdays  *6:00 pm Practice & 6:15 pm League Play
  • Bowl 3 games then brackets $11.00 weekly
  • USBC Certified

General Rules:

1-CERTIFICATION: USBC Certified Men and or Women

2-WEELY FEES: $11.00 weekly fee 

3- LEAGUE MANAGEMENT:  B’s Bowling Center is the Secretary/Treasurer.

4- BRACKETS/JACKPOTS:  Optional Brackets, mystery jackpot, high game and high Series Jackpot.  50/50 

5- POINT SYSTEM:  Earned by attendance, making cut, ranking for the week, first place, 300/800 score men / 300-700 women.  Bowlers will receive 1 point for each.  Points for ranking will be 1 for each bowler you score higher than..
32 bowlers highest ranked would get 32, 2nd would get 31 3rd would  get 30 and so on.

6- MAKE UPS: Make-Ups or pre bowls may be bowled without any points given for that week.

7- WEEKLY SCHEDULE:  will be posted at the start each night.

8- CODE OF CONDUCT:  There will be no conduct derogatory to the best interest of the sport of bowling

9- TEAM NAME:  Your Name will be team name

10- RECAP POSTING RESPONSIBILITIES:   Bowlers are responsible for filing out their recap and turning it into the counter.


Tournament Director:

Director Denise Haggerty

Email:  dhaggerty76@gmail.com

Facebook  Denise.haggerty



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