Fund Raising Made Easy and Fun

Bowl Flint Centers has many great Fundraising ideas and events for lots of groups.Many local school groups have raised money to help their sports teams,clubs, music departments, DECA, national honor society and much more.

Richfield Bowl – B’s Bowling Fundraising Ideas

Bowling is a great fundraiser for youth and adult sports teams, college greek life and student clubs, along with community charities and any and other organizations too!
6464_Richfield_Bowl_Martin_Ticket_PROOF_Page_16455_Richfield_Bowl_Clio_Mustangs_Ticket_PROOF6505_Richfield_Bowl_Baker_College_Ticket_PROOF6501_Richfield_Bowl_Regional_EMS_Ticket_PROOF (1)


Why Should You Host Your Fund Raiser At Our Center?


WHY choose Bowling FUN-Raisers

We host up to 80 Bowling Fun-Raisers annually,
sharing our experiences for your success, step by step.

We will coach you through the entire process of planning and executing the timing and process for our Bowling Fun-Raisers, mentoring and facilitating the step by step process to be successful.


  • Anyone can participate regardless of age or skill level, even people who can’t attend can still participate, assist with the event and donate to the profit centers at the event.
  • Events structure is flexible, you can structure youth, youth, and adults, or adults only teams.

Your only upfront cost is $50.00  deposit.  It gets better, we apply your deposit to your customized flyers and event tickets.

  • You won’t be rained out like some events
  • Your event can be held year round

Pre-Event Planning including a revenue analysis
How to create a successful Bowling Fun-raiser event?
We ask to meet with you/your team Champions, (Champions need to be the get it done team.) We suggest four to six champions to the pre-event planning meeting. During this consultation we include our experience from our eighty plus annual Fun-Raising events, sharing stories and breaking down the process to facilitating your event step by step, along with addressing your questions and concerns as a group, establishing realistic expectations with your core champions.  We include in our consultation an explanation of what additional event profit centers options are available helping you increase your revenue projection. Please note, your group planning meeting is a make or break step to your success.

WHERE:   B’s Bowling and Richfield Bowl
CONTACT: Frank Pepp
CELL: (810)423 1648    E‐mail:


  • Bowling Is Fun
  • Families Can Do It Together
  • Almost Everyone Can Bowl
  • It’s Inside – Weather Is Never a Factor
  • We can accommodate many guests
  • Great Audio System To Make Announcements and use a MC or a DJ
  • Groups Keep a Large Portion of ALL Money Raised
  • Our staff will be there to help assist you and organize the event
3 Types of Bowling Fundraisers
50/50 Bowling Event 50/50 Bowling Event
Your group sells tickets and keeps 50% of the money from the tickets.
Great to raise $300 – $3000 FAST

Bowl-A-Thon Bowl-A-Thon
Bowlers collect pledges and the organization pays a small fee for the bowling.
Groups have raised between $2,000 & $20,000 in one day with this format

Corporate Lanes Sell Corporate Lanes Sell
Your group sells individual lane packages for a predetermined price. The package usually includes bowling, shoe rental, and some food. The organization pays for the bowling and the food and the remainder of the lane sell money is yours to keep. Groups can raise over $5,000 in one day and this is a great way to raise funds If your group has relationships with many area companies

Each Fundraiser has different elements and options that can be customized for your group. The different types of fundraiser also have a very different level of volunteers and timeline, it is best to talk to us while planning your event to see what program will work best for your organization.


Humane Society Flyer Proof 2 (1)a“Pins for Pets Fun-Raiser”

Frank Pepp and B’s Bowling Center have helped out the Humane Society of Genesee County tremendously. Once the date was set, Frank was accessible, helpful and integral in the planning of the first “Pins for Pets Fun-Raiser”. Frank doesn’t want his clients to just have a fundraiser, he wants them to succeed!

We wanted to create a fundraiser that anyone could attend without having to worry Humane Society Flyer Back Proof 3about the price. Because of Frank’s guidance, we sold out our first “Pins for Pets Fun-Raiser” at B’s Bowling Center. I highly recommend contacting Frank for your next successful fundraiser.

Alexandrea Giguere
Marketing & Event Manager
Humane Society of Genesee County

It was a pleasure working alongside Frank Pepp and B’s/Richfield Bowl. The collaboration flowed smoothly and the enthusiasm to answer any and all questions were phenomenal. I look forward to partnering with them again!

Craig Schaepkens

Davison Varsity Lacrosse Coach

We just finished our second annual bowling fundraiser, Bowling for Turkeys, at Richfield Bowl, and it is by far the most fun, family-friendly event that we’ve done!  As Living & Giving Together, it has not only been our desire to raise money to feed local families at Thanksgiving, but to build community in the process.  Frank at Richfield Bowl personifies and supports our vision to build relationships.  Thank you to the Richfield Bowl staff for always being helpful and courteous and for helping make our fundraiser a success!

– Mary Lynn A. Stone, Director and Treasurer, Living and Giving Together

  • 2015 – 2016 FUNDRAISING:    8/2015- 7/2016

8/14/2015  Cancer-Williams   6725

8/21/2015  Northwestern Volleyball

8/27/2015  Bowling for Turkeys 6683

8/29/2015   Drumline 6764


9/18/2015   PSG soccer 6742

9/20/2015   UAW 599 Bowling for Boobs 6775


10/03/2015 RPSA Football  6853

10/03/2015 Lapeer storm 6715

Bowl Flint Autism Flyer 2015 6a10/03/2015  RB Fri 10 pm Lakeville reunion committee 6745

10/9/2015 Northern class of 1996 Wooten 6817

10/10/2015 Flint Southwestern Indians class of 95***** 6767

10/16/2015 Toys for Tots  6782

10/17/2015 PFLAG Sat  6643

10/17/2015 Lavish Living  6870

10/23/2015  F-raiser Zeta Phi Beta Sorority 6785

10/24/2015 Beecher 1996 Cleaves 6842

10/30/2015 Mott RT   Richfield Bowl  6883

10/30/2015 Autism


6864_Richfield_Bowl_Barth_Syndrome_Foundation_Flyer_PROOF (1)11/6/2015 Barth Syndrome Foundation 6864

11/6/2015 Girls Travel Softball u12 u14 Amy Wheaton Krossfire 6803

11/13/2015 NAACP  6872

11/14/2015 Kali Varner  LEUKEMIA 6891

11/14/2015 Basketball  AAU

11/20/2015 Bentley Basketball 6867

11/20/2015   Kearsley Bowling Team Annual   6781

11/28/2015 Flint Society of Minority Firefighters


6935_Richfield_Bowl_FlintCityRiveters_PROOF12/04/2015 Dragons U12 6798

12/05/2015  Riveters 6935

12/27/2016  Lavish Living




Humane Society Flyer Proof 2 (1)aUAW  1/16/2016 Sat RB

1/16/2016 Ele  Adult Baseball 6998

1/23/2016 Humane Society

1/29/2016  Burton Rotary 6940

1/31/2016 Los Gatos 6997


7045_Richfield_Bowl_Sting_Flyer_PROOF2/5/2016  Northwestern Class of 1991 9:15 pm

2/6/2016 Genesee Bowling  Team 7010

2/12/2016 Southwestern

2/13/2016  Gruener UAW

2/19/2016 Sting Baseball 7045

2/19/2016   U9 After-Shock 6947

2/20/2016 Flint City Derby Girls  7040

2/26/2016  Baker Vet Tech  6949

2/26/2016 Clio Gatorcats 7070

2/27/2016     Davenport  6777




6951_Richfield_Bowl_Clio_Varsity_Cheer_Team_Flyer_PROOF3/4/2016 Flushing Asic  7025

Michigan Storm AAU




3/5/2016 Sam Dunkin

3/5/2016 Eagles Kidney Foundation

3/5/2016 Pearls 7048






3/11/2016 PAWS   6800  Fri

3/11/2016 Lapeer Lacrosse 7049   Fri RB

3/11/2016 Foutch (Duplanty) 9:15 pm

3/12/2016 Clio Cheer 6951

3/13/2015 Speedway  6967 12:30 PM

6967 3/18/2016 RB Kearsley High School Softball

3/18/2016 Fri 9:15 pm B’s Flint Rugby

3/18/2016 Respiratory Society RB

3/25/2016 Wheeler Family Reunion

3/26/2016   Buick City Skyhawks U18  Baseball


7095_Richfield_Bowl_Old_Newsboys_Flyer_PROOF (2)_Page_14/3/2016 McQueen  Sunday 1230/330 2 shifts 7077

4/8/2016 AVON 39 team DDFLINT 7138

4/10/2016 Burton Jaycees 7156

4/15/2016 Team Kearsley Hornets  RELAY FOR LIFE

4/15/2016 Clio High School Softball 7084

4/16/2016 Job’s Daughters 3pm

4/16/2016 Martin Funeral Home March of Dimes  7124

4/21/2016 Boys Girls Club  Thurs 12L B’s 7141

4/22/2016 Old News Boys 6939

4/23/2016 S.C. BOWL-O-RAMA SC Boys Golf Team 7162

4/23/2016 County Fair  6995

4/24/2106 RB   Pets for Vets Burton Rotary  6877

4/29/2016 Cystic Fibrosis

4/30/2016 MT Morris Methodist Church  7108

4/30/2016  Hometown Days Animal Rescue Tent


5/6/2016 Cystic Fibrosis Peggy Gilbert 7165

7139_Richfield_Bowl_Trinity_Missionary_Baptist_Flyer (1)

5/7/2016  GAP MINISTRIES -FLINT WATER RELIEF  trinity 7139

5/13/2016 Kearsley HS Baseball 7032

5/14/2016 Burton Fire Department 7117

5/20/2016 NAACP

5/20/2016  Mott
American Association for Women in Community Colleges


6/10/2016 Operation It’s About Time
6/11/2016 NW Wildcats class of 1976
6/17/2016 Swartz Creek Pom Pon


8/26/2016 RB Thurs Bowling for Turkeys  7129

7129_Richfield_Bowl_Bowling_For_Turkeys_Flyer_hi (1)_Page_1


















10/16 Sunday  Los Gotos 7435

10/ 21 Friday PFLAG  7417

10/22  Saturday Mid-Michigan Bandits 7508

10/23 Sunday SC Wrestling 7472





11/04  2016 Friday Davison 13U Vipers 7533

11/04  2016  Friday Krossfire 14U 16U

11/11/2016  Friday

11/12 2016 Saturday Beecher 7488

11/13 2016 Sunday  Clio GFHA  7514

11/17 2016 Thursday Toys for Tots 7526

11/18/2016 Patti Family Reunion Fun-Raiser  Holiday Celebration

11/18 2016 Friday  Kearsley Bowling Boosters 7438

11/25/2016 Friday Flint Central Class  2002

11/26/2016 Saturday Flint Minority Firefighters 7523



12/02/2016 Friday   SC ESDB and Motion Dance

12/02/2016  Friday

12/03/2016  Saturday

12/09/2016  Friday  SC Dragons 13U

12/10/2016 Saturday St. James CME

12/16/2016   14U Flint’s Finest AAU Basketball







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