Penny a Pin Richfield Bowl

Richfield Bowl  – (810) 736-4880   NOON – 5:00 pm
call to check on tournament conflicts

B’s Bowling NO PENNY A PIN

 Penny a Pin* (limitations apply)

Bowl For Just A Penny A Pin   No Joke!

Your Game Score is Your Price!!

You pay a penny for every pin  you knock down.

If your score is a 155 you pay $1.55

Special High Game Bonus.

Men…. You bowl over a 200 and your game is free!

Ladies…. You bowl over a 180 and your game is free!


No outside food or beverage- cakes etc.

No reservations accepted

We Reserve the right to limit # of lanes

We provide 1 lane for up t 6 bowlers when necessary.

2 lanes is at the discretion of management


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