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NEXT EVENT: Fri Jul 25 – Sat Jul 26, 2014 (EDT) Where    RIchfield Bowl


NEW— match play format:



Richfield Bowl

5340 Richfield Rd,

Flint, Mi 48506



Friday July 25, 2014  Noon (ROUND 1)

Saturday July 26, 2014



Players must check in either Thursday night during

Practice or Friday by 11am



Thursday July 23, 2014 10:00 am to 11:00 pm


Full details soon including: when registration opens,  ALL ROUND times,  You can however message me in the meantime to be put on the list.


*we are limiting this to 100 players max.

There will be plenty of machines to accommodate everyone. in fact, if anyone wants to bring a machine, you can keep the coin drop from your machine.

$60 per person and this all goes into the payout purse. (all entry fees are paid out 100% to the winners).


EVERYONE QUALIFIES for the playoffs so you don't have to be an expert player. Beginners to average players are welcome as well.

*playoffs will be split into "A" division and "B" division with "good" players restricted to "A" division playoffs no matter how they play in qualifying.

This way, if you are not a good player, You won't be forced into playing in "A" division playoffs unless you do so well in qualifying you make the "A" cut (top half of players).

*Everyone will play together in groups of 4 (or 3) players.

*each group will play 4 machines (2 older, 2 newer), then we re-seed for each round (just as pinball leagues do).

*8 rounds total. (5 rounds friday, 3 rounds saturday)

*Playoffs will follow after round 8 on saturday.

**Payouts will be structured as follows and will be based on actual number of players.


75% of the prize purse goes to "A" division

25% of the prize purse goes to "B" division



1st= 30%of "A" purse

2nd= 18%

3rd= 12%

4th= 8%

5th= 4%

6th= 4%

7th= 4%

8th= 8%

9th= 2%

10= 2%

11th= 2%

12th= 2%



1st= 30%of "B" purse

2nd= 18%

3rd= 12%

4th= 8%

5th= 4%

6th= 4%

7th= 4%

8th= 8%

9th= 2%

10= 2%

11th= 2%

12th= 2%


The actual payouts depends on the number of players we have.

*If we fill the 100 player max, payouts would be:


1st= $1350

2nd= $810

3rd= $540

4th= $360

5th, 6th, 7th, 8th= $180 each

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th= $90 each



1st= $450

2nd= $270

3rd= $180

4th= $120

5th, 6th, 7th, 8th= $60 each

9th, 10th, 11t5h, 12th= $30 each


** All games will be on normal coin drop.

REMEMBER, since all of the entry fees are paid out 100%, the coin drop pays for tournament expenses, trophies/prizes, game ware and upkeep before and after the event, employees, flyers and everything else tourney related.

*food and drinks will be available on sight.


PinGolf and PinBowl session times:

Pingolf (Thursday July 24th)

– tee times start at 3pm and run every 20 minutes or so until 7pm. 3 or 4 players per golf group. playoffs at 8pm. top 12 qualify. $20 per player, all money paid out. message me to select your preferred tee times.


Pinbowl IV session times:

Everyone plays together so you must play at these times. Keep in mind, you can actually eat whenever you want and rounds most likely won't last a full 2 hours each time. Plenty of break and eat time.

Friday July 25th:

session #1= noon- 2pm

session #2= 2pm- 4pm

break/food= 4pm- 5pm

session #3= 5pm-7pm

session #4= 7pm-9pm

break/food= 9pm- 10pm

session #5 10pm- midnight

Saturday July 26th:

session #6= 11am- 1pm

session #7= 1pm-3pm

session #8= 3pm-5pm

break/food= 5pm- 6pm

Playoffs= 6pm


*byes may be given for higher seeds, pends number of players. also, playoffs are best 3 of 5 single elimination. everyone qualifies for playoffs. Playoffs are split into A and B division. qualifiers in top half in A, bottom half in B.