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NO PREMIUM BOWL ONLY $11.00 per bowler per week
BOWLING SHOES Many Styles to Choose From $14.00 per bowler per week
HIGH PERFORMANCE BOWLING SHOES $22.00 per bowler per week
HAVE-A-BALL Bowling Ball of Choice (all balls with a suggested retail price up to $250) $21.00 per bowler per week
$2.75 a game for anyone bowling with you that is not currently in a 2017 Spring League
Offer begins on the first night of Spring League Bowling and ends August 6

Richfield Bowl
Tuesdays at 6pm beginning April 25, 2017
Thursday at 6pm beginning April 27, 2017 or
Saturday at 9pm beginning May 6, 2017

(4 person team any combination)


B’s Bowling Center Monday at 6:30 pm beginning April 17, 2017
(No bowling on July 3, 2017)