NO PREMIUM BOWL ONLY $11.00 per bowler per week
BOWLING SHOES Many Styles to Choose From $14.00 per bowler per week
HIGH-PERFORMANCE BOWLING SHOES $22.00 per bowler per week
HAVE-A-BALL Bowling Ball of Choice
(all balls with a suggested retail price up to $250) $21.00 per bowler per week
$2.75 a game for anyone bowling with you that is not currently in a 2018 Spring League
Offer begins on the first night of Spring League Bowling and ends Sunday, August 5

Richfield Bowl
Tuesdays at 6 pm beginning April 24, 2018
(No bowling on Tuesday, July 2, 2018)
Thursday at 6 pm beginning April 26, 2018

B’s Bowling Center Monday at 6:30 pm beginning April 23, 2018
(No bowling on July 2, 2018)

Summer Sizzler 2018 Registration





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