Fundraising Made Easy & Fun!

Bowl Flint Centers has many great Fundraising ideas and events for lots of groups. Many local school groups have raised money to help their sports teams, clubs, music departments, DECA, national honor society and much more.

Bowling is a great fundraiser for youth and adult sports teams, college Greek life and student clubs, along with community charities and any and other organizations too!

B's Bowling and Richfield Bowl have many great fundraising ideas and event opportunities for groups of all types and sizes.

Do you have a sports team, school group, charity or organization that needs to raise money? We can help! Each of our fundraisers have different elements and options that can be customized for your group.

Call us today to talk (Frank 810-423-1648 about how we can assist in planning your event or.

Why choose Bowl Flint Bowling FUN-Raisers?


We host up to 80 Bowling Fun-Raisers annually, sharing our experiences for your success, step by step.


We will coach you through the entire process of planning and executing the timing and process for our Bowling Fun-Raisers, mentoring and facilitating the step-by-step process to be successful.

  • Anyone can participate regardless of age or skill level, even people who can’t attend can still participate, assist with the event and donate to the profit centers at the event.
  • Events structure is flexible, you can structure youth, youth, and adults, or adults only teams.

Your only upfront cost is $60.00 deposit.  It gets better, we apply your deposit to your customized flyers and event tickets.

  • You won't be rained out like some events
  • Your event can be held year round
Pre-Event Planning, including a revenue analysis

How to create a successful Bowling Fun-raiser event?
We ask to meet with you/your team Champions, (Champions need to be the get it done team.) We suggest four to six champions to the pre-event planning meeting. During this consultation we include our experience from our eighty plus annual Fun-Raising events, sharing stories and breaking down the process to facilitating your event step by step, along with addressing your questions and concerns as a group, establishing realistic expectations with your core champions.  We include in our consultation an explanation of what additional event profit centers options are available to help you increase your revenue projection. Please note, your group planning meeting is a make-or-break step to your success.

Contact Us Today To Learn More!

Frank Pepp
Call: (810)423 1648

Why Should You Host Your Fundraiser at Bowl Flint Centers?

  • Bowling is fun!
  • Families can do it together
  • Almost everyone can bowl
  • It's inside - weather is never a factor
  • We can accommodate many guests
  • Great audio system to make announcements and use an MC or DJ
  • Groups keep a large portion of ALL money raised
  • Our staff will be there to help assist you and organize the event

Each Fundraiser has different elements and options that can be customized for your group. The different types of fundraiser also have a very different level of volunteers and time line, it is best to talk to us while planning your event to see what program will work best for your organization.

We just finished our second annual bowling fundraiser, Bowling for Turkeys, at Richfield Bowl, and it is by far the most fun, family-friendly event that we’ve done!  As Living & Giving Together, it has not only been our desire to raise money to feed local families at Thanksgiving, but to build community in the process.  Frank at Richfield Bowl personifies and supports our vision to build relationships.  Thank you to the Richfield Bowl staff for always being helpful and courteous and for helping make our fundraiser a success!

Mary Lynn A. Stone

Director and Treasurer, Living and Giving Together