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Youth Bowling Bootcamps 2023 2024

This bowling camp Is open to anyone that Is Interested in Improving their game from any school,

with no age limits, recommended for middle school bowlers and up.

Boys and girls will be split up for the camp and maybe doing different drills, everyone will bowl together for the tournament on Sunday.

Trophy for the boy winner and girl winner for the tournament.

Scott Gruener, Megan Timm, Jeff Timm, Samantha Timm, Paul Ruggles, Bobby Countryman,

Bart Rutledge, KC O'Brien, Jeremy Jurvelin, Bob Tubbs, Kaylee Tubbs, Bryce Ooley,

George Calvert, Mike Vanderkuur, Robby Lesser, Craig Lanter, and Rob Ploof

When: Friday, August 4th from 6 pm to 8 pm

Saturday, August 5th from 11 am to 4:30 pm

Sunday, August 6th from 11 am to 3 pm

Where: Richfield Bowl

Entry forms are at Richfield Bowl
Entry Forms can be turned into Rob Ploof, Kailee Tubbs, or Bart Rutledge or at the front counter at Richfield Bowl.
Questions, please contact Rob Ploof at (810) 252 2687 or Bart Rutledge at (810) 874 1951

The entry form must be turned in by August 5, 2023, to get the t-shirt.  Entries will be accepted up until the day of the camp, but late entries will not get a T-shirt.

Cost: $50 per person, pre-register and get a T-Shirt

Day 1 - Friday, August 4th, 202 3From 6 pm to 8 pm

  1. Welcome
    1. Introduction - Talk about what the plan Is.
    2. Kneel down drills for 1 hour.
    3. Swing Drills 1 houir
    4. Bowler assessment's - Each bowler bowls between 1-2 games

Day 2 - Saturday, August 5th from 11 am until 4:30 pm

  1. Drills
    1. 1 hour of swing drill at the line (2 games)
    2. 1 hour of 1 step drill (2 games)
    3. ½ hour of 4 step drill (short, short & slide)
    4. 1/2 hour of swing/timing drill (2 games)
    5. 1 hour of lining up - checking personal number-playing angles
      1. Bowling with curtain/hitting a target
      2. Bowling with light for target practice
    6. 1 hour talking about the mental game/equipment

Day 3 - Sunday, August 6th from 11 am until about 3 pm

1. Practice for 20 minutes 

2. Tournament for everyone must be present Saturday to Bowl on Sunday

  1. 4 game qualifier and then brackets with 1 game head-to-head to determine the winner
  2. Closing discussion about what was learned

This tournament will be bowled on a Phantom- same pattern high school bowling uses

Trophy awarded for boy winner and girl winner

Tournament is all actual - No handicap

Pizza and Drink provided on Saturday for lunch